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Is Betty's Dad the Killer on Riverdale Season 2?

If You Suspect Betty's Dad Is the New Killer on Riverdale, You Need to See This

Spoilers for the season two premiere of Riverdale!

In season one of Riverdale the big mystery revolved around who killed Jason Blossom, and we were worried The CW's eerie drama wouldn't be able to top that dark, twisted storyline. Now that season two has finally returned, a new, equally unsettling puzzle has revealed itself: who is that hooded serial killer? So far, all signs seem to point to Betty's father, Hal. But let's back up a second.

The first season ends with Archie's father, Fred Andrews, being shot by an unknown, masked assailant in Pop's diner. The situation looked dire, and many wondered whether or not he'd live to see another day. In the season two premiere, we not only find out that Fred survives the bullet to the stomach (woo!), but also that the man who shot him is not done killing people (not so woo). By the end of the premiere, we see the same man — who wears a black hood over his face with two jagged eye holes cut out — brutally murder Miss Grundy with her own cello bow in the nearby town of Greendale (just across Sweetwater River).

As far as victims go, Fred and Miss Grundy are the more innocuous characters on the show, which makes their attempted murder and full-on murder surprising. Yes, Fred recently had to let a bunch of Southside Serpents go from his construction company, and sure, Miss Grundy is a known pedophile (I can't believe I just had to type that sentence), but isn't there more motive to take out someone like Hermione or Hiram Lodge? Or even Jughead's dad, FP? The person with connections to both victims is Hal Cooper, Betty's dad.

It might sound crazy to think of Hal as the killer at first since he's been a little, um, bland thus far, but of all the characters on the show, Hal is the closest match to the physical description of the murderer. Both are caucasian and have a similar build. It's worth noting that Archie tells Sheriff Keller that the killer had green eyes (there's even a close-up of the killer's eyes in a flashback, and they're most definitely green), and the actor who plays Hal (Lochlyn Munro) has blue eyes.

But can't you see Betty stumbling upon a case of colour contacts while snooping through her parents' room one day? A fan even mocked up an image to show what Hal would look like wearing that black hood, and the result is striking:

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When it comes to motive, that's where things get a little trickier. Hal and his wife, Alice, are two of the few people who knew about Miss Grundy's affair with Archie, which explains why he'd maybe want to take her out. The Coopers aren't big fans of the Andrews family, either (at least Alice isn't), but murder? Would Hal go so far as to kill Fred? Also, both of the killer's victims have been people close to Archie so far, so it's starting to look like the young quarterback just might be the perpetrator's focus (at least until we know who gets murdered next). Why would Hal be so hell-bent on destroying Archie's life?

In the past, there have been glimpses of Hal's deeply seeded anger, so we know he's capable of violence. That whole thing about his shady family history is also a factor. Fortunately for Riverdale fans, there are 21 episodes left in the season, so we have no doubt we'll get some more answers about this soon.

Image Source: The CW
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