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Beyonce Interview With Kid President | Video

Beyoncé Gets a Kiss From an Adorable Interviewer

Uh oh, Jay Z may have some competition! In honor of World Humanitarian Day, Beyoncé sat down for an interview with SoulPancake's Kid President, a little boy who made the singer squeal when he kissed her on the cheek. Saying he was "so excited he could die" over meeting Beyoncé, Kid President kept his cool long enough to ask her some important questions. When asked what she thinks the world needs more of, Beyoncé said, "The world needs more strong, empowered men and women. So I say, I think the world needs more strength." Afterward, Kid President asked Beyoncé, "Are we best friends?" She said yes, but with one condition — "only if I get a kiss on my cheek." Watch the adorable interview above!

Beyoncé Gets a Kiss From an Adorable Interviewer  originally posted on POPSUGAR Celebrity News
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