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Billie Piper's Marie Claire Cover February 2009 Talking About Laurence Fox, Family, Chris Evans

Billie Piper Gets Candid With Marie Claire

Billie Piper is on the front cover of Marie Claire's February issue looking beautiful, and inside she talks in her usual candid way about her personal life and career. Lovely Billie chats about her hubby Laurence Fox and their son Winston, ex-husband Chris Evans, and her thoughts about the future. The issue is out now, but here are a few excerpts:

  • On her and Laurence's different fanbases:"It's funny, when Laurence and I go out into the countryside I think a few of the older locals actually believe I'm a whore! They love Laurence because he's in Lewis, and his fan club are basically in their mid-sixties and upwards. They love him. It's sickening! They follow him around; they want to mother him. I mean, there are places he can't go — like Mecca Bingo or the bowling green! — but he loves it. Then they look at me and are like, "That slag! How could you dirty yourself with her? She's corrupted you!"'
  • On whether Winston was planned: "Well, you do make an active decision that you're not going to use condoms or whatever. Then there's that, "I am so in love, I just want to have your baby!" It's such a hot thing, it's so gorgeous. "We fell in love, I want you to impregnate me!" I don't know what's not hot about that. And also, making a child in the throes of love instead of, "Oh, I suppose we should knock one out.'"
  • On discovering she was pregnant, on the set of Doctor Who: 'Laurence was there and I remember feeling really tired. And I just thought I was pregnant. We did two tests in my trailer. We laughed because we were so nervous. Such a great moment, but terrifying."

To read what candid Billie has to say about how her friends see her life, her ex-husband Chris Evans selling their things, and the future, just read more.

  • On her friend's opinion of her life: "I'm the first one to be married. Twice. Married, divorced, married, baby. They were really pleased because when I met Laurence, I used to go on and on and on about the fact that I wanted to breed with him. I really wanted to have his baby, more than wanting to marry him!' She pulls herself up: 'Okay. This is me. Do it. Worry about the consequences later. So that's why planning goes out the window. Because I'm massively impulsive.'
  • On ex-hubby Chris Evans selling their things: "What's so funny is that people remind me of that now and I kind of think, 'What's wrong with me that I didn't feel at all sad about that sale?' I didn't see it as anything other than him wanting to sell loads of stuff. He had a massive life before and, you know, he loves charity and he loves giving. I went down and had drinks there, like some fan, and had pictures taken with people on the sofa we used to share together, and didn't feel at all sad about it. Isn't that weird? We had a very. Not strange, but unique relationship. I think that maybe the reason I didn't feel sad about it is because our relationship didn't end on bad terms. I didn't want anything. I wanted to still be friends and love one another but move on. And I often think you can get bogged down in the finances, the possessions, those things that make it strange."
  • On the decision to marry again: "You know how you see old people walking hand in hand, and you think, 'I want to be them.' You see them on the street and you think, 'What does it take to walk hand in hand with someone when you're 80 years old?' - especially nowadays when you can just part ways so easily. You want that. And I think that's why I wanted to marry again because I do want that. You see it and you think, 'That's it. That's love. That's compromise. That's years of screaming at someone. Or forgiveness.' All of these things that it takes to be in some kind of unity. But it's hard, when you're in it, to think that far ahead."
  • On the future: "I don't know whether it's because I had the singing career first, but you just think, "When is this going to stop? When am I finally going to feel sated?" As fun as it sounds, basically you're just in a different trailer in another part of the world. I'd like to do a Broadway show. Can you imagine..?"

Secret Diary of a Call Girl is on ITV2 from 22 January.

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