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The Black Panther Cast Answers Internet Questions

Michael B. Jordan's Comic Book Knowledge Will Convince You the "B" Stands For "Brainiac"

There are stars who study up on the basics before a movie role . . . and then there's Michael B. Jordan, who truly knows his sh*t when it comes to Black Panther. When Wired had Michael, Lupita Nyong'o, and Chadwick Boseman answer some of the internet's most googled questions pertaining to the film (and their personal lives), Michael casually revealed his far-reaching knowledge of the Marvel comics universe.

How does T'Challa gain superpowers? Michael can walk you through the whole process. What's Captain America's shield made out of? Michael could probably tell you exactly where it sits on the Marvel Universe's periodic table. Which comic heroes have deeply ingrained moral qualms about taking a human life? Prepare to get schooled, y'all, because apparently the Michael "Brainiac" Jordan class is now in session.

Press play on the video above to see Michael's impressive comic-nerd knowledge put to the test, and find out some fun facts about Chadwick and Lupita. (Spoiler alert: did you know she speaks four languages?!)

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