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Busy Philipps Daughter Birdie Halloween Costume 2017

Busy Philipps's 9-Year-Old Daughter, Birdie, Brilliantly Channels Her For Halloween

Busy Philipps's older daughter, Birdie Silverstein, decided to forego a Wonder Woman costume to pay homage to another one of her superheroes for Halloween: her mum. Busy shared an adorable photo to Instagram on Friday of her 9-year-old wearing a printed dress, sneakers, dangly earrings, and sunglasses while carrying a mug of Bulletproof coffee and looking at her cell phone. She captioned the photo "I. Am. Dead" and shared more of her thoughts in an Instagram story.

"How funny is Birdie's costume?" she asked. "I'm gonna start to cry β€” it's so sweet. I know she's making fun of me. I mean, she's just being silly, she's not making fun of me β€” she's kind of making fun of me β€” [but] she's just her own person and I really respect that." Busy also posted a snap of herself heading to Birdie's school Halloween carnival in an identical outfit. We hope she brought along the "giant Starbucks" Birdie asked for!

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