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Cate Blanchett On the Cover of Marie Claire's Eco-Chic June Issue

Cate Blanchett Is Eco-Chic

Cate Blanchett is a fitting cover star for Marie Claire's eco-chic June issue, which also features a whole host of A list environmental activists. Just before she gave birth to Ignatius, Cate chatted about "greenovating" her home, about her her marriage and about filming Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (released on 22nd May).
Here are highlights:

  • On her husband: "We're unnaturally close... He was the first person I was romantically involved with who I could talk to about how I work. I have actor friends whose partners don't provide any constructive criticism. But I get support in all its forms from my husband... I really hope he gets that from me, too."
  • On Indiana Jones: "This is one my kids can definitely see... Dash watched takes with me on set and he was really impressed — as I was — by 'the guy in the hat', as he referred to Harrison Ford."
  • On the future: "I firmly believe we all have the capacity to think big thoughts and are ripe to be inspired. I'm an optimist. I believe we're ready as a generation to seize this opportunity to make profound environmental changes for the better. After all, what's the alternative?"

Love that Cate is so passionate about the environment, alongside her successful career and family life. To read the rest of the interview in full pick up a copy of the eco-chic June issue of Marie Claire, out now.

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