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Celebrities Doing Impressions of Other Celebrities

Hidden Talents: Watch Celebrities Do Impressions of Other Celebrities

We all know that seasoned stand-up comedians and the entire cast of Saturday Night Live can do some solid celebrity impressions, but they aren't the only ones who can poke some fun at Hollywood's finest. Tom Hiddleston recently showed off his spot-on impression of his Midnight in Paris costar Owen Wilson, while Bradley Cooper can do his own imitation of Owen. Neither of them can top Matt Damon, though, who has taken on Matthew McConaughey's Southern drawl numerous times over the years. Check out the most-imitated celebs and the celebs who can do the most imitations.

Owen Wilson

Tom Hiddleston picked up a few pointers after making Midnight in Paris with Owen. Behold:

However, Bradley Cooper also does a great take on Wilson after costarring with him in Wedding Crashers:



Channing Tatum also got in the mix after he did Magic Mike with Matt:

Tracy Morgan

Alec Baldwin poked fun at his 30 Rock costar during a chat with Conan O'Brien:

Sofia Vergara
After five seasons of Modern Family, Julie Bowen's got her Colombian accent down cold:

Tom Cruise
In case you didn't know that Eric Bana can be hilarious, here's a clip of him interviewing himself as Tom Cruise from The Eric Bana Sketch Show:

Christopher Walken
Bradley Cooper learned a lot on the set of Wedding Crashers. Though he may not have mastered his Vince Vaughn impression yet, here's a great Christopher Walken:

Not to be outdone, Kevin Spacey also does a phenomenal Walken — and a ton of other Hollywood icons:

Jimmy Fallon
Jimmy Fallon does so many amazing impressions that we didn't think it would be fair to include them all here. However, here's his good pal Justin Timberlake having some fun with the late-night host:

Paul Giamatti
Andy Samberg has given us a number of great impressions over the years, and Jay Leno finally gave him the chance to do one he's been holding in for years.

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