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Celebrities Tweet to a Boy Who's Being Bullied

This Dad's Call For Celebrity Tweets For His Son Will Restore Your Faith in Humanity

It all started with one parent's tweet. Christopher, a long-term Twitter user, was looking for a way to help his son deal with a bully. Ollie's tormentor had convinced him that his upcoming ninth birthday wasn't going to be good enough, so Christopher reached out to his followers to ask if anyone had connections to anybody famous who might be able to send Ollie a greeting or positive message.

What happened next was simply magical. The tweet quickly gathered steam, and within 24 hours, everyone from rapper Stormzy to singer Dionne Warwick and actor Russell Crowe had offered Ollie their best wishes. Football teams responded with videos, messages, and even offers of tickets (we have a feeling that bully's going to be laughing on the other side of his face when Ollie attends the next England match).

Among those sending Ollie messages are children's TV presenters, Olympians, radio DJs, astronauts, YouTube stars, comedians, and even one of the Simpsons character artists (who sent Ollie a personal Bart Simpson birthday cartoon). But perhaps what's even more special than all the celebrity tweets and videos is the response from thousands of other Twitter users who shared the tweet, tagged celebs, and chipped in with their own advice. At time of writing, the original thread has 14,000 retweets, 34,000 "likes," and a whopping 6,500 replies! Ollie definitely won't be short of love, support, advice, and pictures of cute animals on his birthday. Here are a few famous responses you may recognise.

Happy birthday, Ollie! Don't let the bullies get you down!

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