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Channing Tatum Dresses Up Like Elvis Video 2016

Channing Tatum Pranks a Few Unsuspecting Workers by Dressing Up Like Elvis Presley

If you're looking forward to Channing Tatum's show Magic Mike Live in Las Vegas, you might want to pay extra close attention to this video. To promote his Omaze campaign, which gives fans the chance to win a trip to Sin City to see the show, the actor pulled a hilarious prank on a few unsuspecting workers by dressing up as Elvis Presley. While some people were visibly confused (and scared) to see him dancing in a bedazzled suit in the elevator, they were even more surprised when he brought them upstairs for a casino-themed party. However, not everyone was fooled by his sideburns and signature Elvis accent. One woman even called him out for not having a good enough disguise! Catch the whole ordeal above.

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