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Chris Pratt's Response to Fans Watermelon Picture

Relive That Time Chris Pratt Hilariously Teased a Group of Fans About Getting a Picture With Him

Chris Pratt is one of Hollywood's biggest stars, but he's also a good sport when it comes to his fans. Back in April 2016, the webseries Game Grumps — who are avid fans of Chris — poked a little fun at the actor when they posted a photo of themselves with a watermelon with his name written on it in Sharpie. "Holy crap we got this TOTALLY REAL picture with Chris Pratt today!" they tweeted. "THIS IS NOT PHOTOSHOPPED!!!" Of course Chris, being the amazing person that he is, couldn't leave them hanging and crafted the perfect response, which is once again making the rounds online. "I can confirm. That is 100 percent me," he wrote. Whether he's posting funny childhood pictures on social media or giving a shout-out to his fans, Chris always knows how to make us laugh. Check out the funny throwback exchange below.

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