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Christina Aguilera Nude Bathtub Photos February 2018

Is It Hot in Here or Is It Just These Photos of Christina Aguilera Naked in a Bathtub?

When Christina Aguilera shared sexy swimsuit photos last year, we almost fell out of our chairs. Fast forward to Feb. 15, and we are picking up our jaws from the floor over this sexy trap she set for the world. The 37-year-old posted a series of three photos on Instagram that are NSFW because the only thing covering her nether regions are bubbles. Christina took it a step further by using just one emoji as her caption: 💧. She was definitely feeling herself, and we love every part of it.

The question is: what could these possibly mean? Is it a hint about an upcoming album? Christina has been dropping clues about new music (it has been five years since she released Lotus). In January, she posted a meme on her Instagram Stories in which her Hollywood Walk of Fame star was covered in Post-It notes asking, "Dear Christina Aguilera, Where the f*ck is the new album??" Her cheeky response? "It's coming, bitches." As we continue to patiently wait for this queen to release new music, we'll settle for drooling over her sexy pictures in the meantime.

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