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Cole Sprouse Riverdale Reddit AMA

Cole Sprouse Wants a Sabrina the Teenage Witch Crossover on Riverdale, Dammit

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To watch Riverdale is to love it — or, at the very least, to be morbidly curious about the exploits of Archie Andrews and his comic-inspired gang of teen drama characters. And one inescapable facet of joining the Riverdale fandom is the fact that Jughead Jones actor Cole Sprouse is not only a total babe, but also god's gift to fan-kind. In keeping with his reputation as a hilarious, personable guy who is happy to indulge fans with details about the show, Sprouse has become an active user of the /r/Riverdale subreddit.

To engage with the show's fans, Sprouse decided to host a casual AMA ("ask me anything") on the subreddit, and also shared an entire album of his personal behind-the-scenes shots from the Riverdale set. (You can peep a few of the 58 artistic snaps throughout this post!) Could we get any freakin' luckier?

When asked in the AMA about Jughead's recent asexuality plot line in the Archie comic digests, Sprouse produced an extremely thoughtful answer:

"I continue to hope this question is asked, over and over, it will only increase visibility. Yes, I'm still a big proponent of this representation, and it needs to be done correctly.

to give depth to asexual jughead, it first needs to be stated that jughead's asexuality was a recent character development. Chip Zdarsky made it canon in his more modern universe. In all other universes (including the digests), jughead was either (a) a woman hater, or (b) aromantic. Aromatic jughead and asexual jughead are two different kinds of representation that deserve separate attention and discussion, as the two orientations are different and don't deserve to be grouped.

Jughead is 16 going on 17 (as of episode 10). Sexuality is fluid. And where his sexuality is headed has, already, been heavily discussed. How closely jughead is going to resemble either zdarsky's universe or the digest remains to be seen. As an actor, I can only lend myself so much. Riverdale is a new universe, and we first need to think of jughead as a human agent within his environment, his decisions about his sexuality are going to be informed by his upbringing and his immediate and longterm desires. Betty and Jughead's coupling are a great example of such an informed decision."

Riverdale's producers have previously told us that they're not opposed to the idea of exploring Jughead as asexual, so it seems that Sprouse could get his wish about his character's representation granted.

The actor continued to share thoughtful, witty, and full-on hilarious answers in his Reddit thread, so read on for his insights about the upcoming second season, his favourite memories, and potential series crossovers!

On a possible crossover with another fan-favourite series:

On why Archie can be, well . . . Archie:

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On his favourite memory from the season one set:

On what to expect from season two:

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On when the heck Riverdale takes place in time and space:

On Jughead's personality type:

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