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Colin Farrell Talking About Donald Trump on The Ellen Show

Colin Farrell's Son Hates Donald Trump Because He Won't Stop "Grabbing the Kittens"

Colin Farrell is the proud dad of two sons, James and Henry, the latter of whom has some very strong opinions about the upcoming presidential election. When the incredibly charming Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them actor sat down with Ellen DeGeneres on Thursday morning, he discussed the 7-year-old's dislike for Donald Trump. "He wasn't a huge fan of [Donald] Trump initially," he said. "A little bit because of his hair . . . and now he can't stand Trump because, I had to explain to him why Trump keeps being mean to kittens. He just keeps grabbing those kittens." Colin is of course referring to the misogynistic language used by the Republican nominee in recently released video footage, and the audience got a kick out of his censored choice of words. Watch the video above to see his interview, which also includes him planting a big kiss on Ellen.

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