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A Cure For Wellness Movie Trailer

A Cure For Wellness: This Deranged Trailer Will Make Your Skin Crawl

Gore Verbinski, the director best known for the 1997 family comedy Mousehunt (kidding, he directed The Ring and three of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies), has a new movie coming out and it looks straight-up terrifying. In A Cure For Wellness, Dane DeHaan plays an executive sent to bring his company's CEO back from a "wellness" retreat in the isolated Swiss Alps. As you might have put together, the retreat isn't relaxing so much as it is a living nightmare. Mia Goth and Jason Isaacs also star in the thriller, which may give you flashbacks to Shutter Island — and not just because of DeHaan's uncanny resemblance to young Leonardo DiCaprio. Check out the full trailer above and the teaser below; the movie opens on Feb. 17.

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