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Daenerys Targaryen and Jon Snow Quotes on Game of Thrones

Daenerys Repeated a Jon Snow Quote Word For Word and Didn't Even Know It

As much as we want to know who will end up taking the Iron Throne on Game of Thrones, the recent sexual tension between Daenerys Targaryen (Emilia Clarke) and Jon Snow (Kit Harington) has shifted our priorities a little. Will these two live happily ever after and rule Westeros in peace? Can these two crazy kids somehow bring their dragons and direwolves together to make it work?

LOL, this is Game of Thrones. No one is allowed to be happy.

Then again, if anyone seems meant to be, it's them. The case for Jon and Dany continues to grow stronger thanks to subtle hints that the show's writers have been sprinkling into episodes for a while now, which we got another taste of in season seven's fourth episode, "The Spoils of War."

Dany — feeling the pressure of losing the support of Dorne, the Tyrells, and the Greyjoys all in one swoop — finds herself at a crossroads: trust Jon Snow or not trust Jon Snow. Though his refusal to bend the knee certainly has her shaken, a moment between the two leaders in a cave on Dragonstone seems to bring them closer. Jon shows her the ancient cave drawings made by Children of the Forest and the First Men, who worked together centuries earlier to fight the White Walkers, and points out that the two of them need to do the same if they want to stand a chance against the Night's King's impending army. Dany agrees to fight for Jon and his people, but only if he bends the knee. "Isn't their survival more important than your pride?" she asks.

It turns out this scene isn't the first time that line has been spoken on Game of Thrones. In the season five premiere, Jon says the exact same thing to Mance Rayder while the two discuss Stannis Baratheon's order for Mance to bend the knee or burn. Fortunately Jon doesn't respond to Dany's line the way Mance did ("Fook my pride").

Interestingly enough, the Targaryen queen has echoed Jon Snow a couple other times. Later in that same episode, Dany argues with Tyrion about why she shouldn't hop on Drogon and light up King's Landing, declaring, "What kind of a queen am I if I'm not willing to risk my life to fight them?" Jon says an almost identical thing to Ramsay Bolton in season six just before the Battle of the Bastards ("Will your men want to fight for you when they hear you wouldn't fight for them?"). Similarly, when Dany first meets Jon in her throne room at Dragonstone in season seven's third episode, she asks him "not to judge a daughter by the sins of her father." It's a direct callback to Jon's line in the season seven premiere when he tells Sansa that despite the former treachery of the Umbers and Karstarks, he "will not punish a man for his father's sins."

The fact that these two characters continue to parrot each other seems like too big of a coincidence to mean nothing, especially on Game of Thrones. Romance or no romance, Daenerys and Jon Snow's paths have always been destined to cross, and clearly the connection between them is stronger than ever.

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