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Dance Act Diversity Win The Final Of Britain's Got Talent 2009, Beating Susan Boyle. Plus Video Of Their Performance.

Diversity Win Britain's Got Talent 2009!

After a week of the most bizarre and brilliant acts performing in the live semi-finals, Britain's Got Talent finally came to a close tonight with a spectacular final show. The acts performing in the final were Aiden Davis, Hollie Steele, 2 Grand, Julian Smith, Stavros Flatley, Shaheen Jafargholi, Shaun Smith, Flawless, Susan Boyle and Diversity. The top three were dance act Diversity, singer Susan Boyle and saxophonist Julian Smith, with Diversity winning the prize of £100,000 and to perform at the Royal Variety Performance this year in front of Her Majesty the Queen. Check out their winning performance!

It has been a headline making series, with Susan Boyle making a huge impact both on this side of the Atlantic and in the US, where she got an enormous amount of attention ever since her very first audition was shown and became a YouTube sensation. So tell me did you enjoy this series of the show? Were Diversity a deserved winner? And will you be tuning in to the Royal Variety Performance to see them fulfil their dream? Let me know!

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Iwa-Iniki Iwa-Iniki 8 years
I prefer the classics, some of which are modern dance. I do not like gimmick dancing. Gimmicks do not last very long anyway. Diversity's music was quite annoying. Besides, Diversity seems to have stolen the ideas from the Chinese dance troops, who are truly amazing. Go to one of their performances sometime.
myraalex myraalex 8 years
Diversity deserved to win. In Britain we have nothing like them. Working in films and the dancing world I know the choreography was a triumph over old school 'luvvy' type kicking up in the air and pointy toes choreography we have been subjected to since the 'Royal Academies of' began to exist. Also the positive and hard working ethos that the group put out doubles their value. Yes Shaheen was robbed by a clarinet and I can't understand how. Especially as we find out the player and his heart rending choked back tears and emotions hid actual amazing music playing experiences with top musicians in his past. Not exactly a poor sad 'bridesmaid and not the bride' after all. He was even more manipulative than the weepy girl because he is an adult and knew what he was doing. What a creepy yukky undignified way to score votes.Shaheen you will do well with your sincere modest quietly confident way of showing the world your gift.
bigestivediscuit bigestivediscuit 8 years
SHAHEEN WAS ROBBED!!! That's all I have to say. He should have been in the Top 3 - I don't know how Julian Smith got there as Kenny G is SO 90s and over. Also, Diversity is not that special if you've ever seen America's Best Dance Crew.
Iwa-Iniki Iwa-Iniki 8 years
They are not by far the greatest dance group I have ever seen. Also, they are more like a gimmick. Would not pay to go see them if they appeared on stage near where I live.
NiceDriveway NiceDriveway 8 years
Diversity was AMAZING. I'm a dancer; I've seen a million dance acts in my life, and they were so innovative, it blew me away. They've been consistently fantastic. I think it's a huge testament to their talent that even Simon loved them, given his known hatred of dance acts.
littlemunchkin littlemunchkin 8 years
i got caught in the hype and watched it! Im so glad Susan Boyle didnt win, i know i will get lynched for saying this but i didnt think she was very good, and i also dont think she came across as very likeable. Diversity were absolutely amazing and completely deserved to win. Thank goodness the act actually fits the name of the programme ' Britains Got TALENT'.
hills hills 8 years
i loved every single act, they all brought something to the table and it was so brill, as much as i think the guys from diversity are amazing, i thought flawless were the better dancers or routine, but some of the moves from diversity's were really clever, was pretty shocked that susan boyle didnt win though, but diversity are really deserving, such gorgeous guys and brill talent. plus shaheem has the most pitch perfect voice! how fab is he! loved dimitri and his son! and aiden davis i bet is destined for great things, lv them all.
Didora Didora 8 years
I think almost all of the acts in the final were great. You can't tell that Susan Boil or Julian Smith didn't deserve to win. They all deserve to win. Personally my favorite was Diversity and I'm very,very happy they won. Their choreography and dancing are outstanding. I love them so much. P.S. Momofdon, I have heard better singing than Susan's too. It's not a question who is best in the world. All the acts have done what they did without a support from choreographers and teachers. It's a "Talent" competition, not "The best in the world" competition. And when you start doing something like Diversity then you can tell if they are a joke.
momofdon momofdon 8 years
Unreal!!! Susan Boyle definetly should have won. Diversity was a joke. I have seen better dancing from high school cheerleading squads in America.
herfallingstar herfallingstar 8 years
Based on tonight's show, they definitely deserved to win. Their perfomance was absolutely outstanding!!
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