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Destiny's Child Mannequin Challenge Video 2016

Destiny's Child Doing the Mannequin Challenge Will Absolutely Blow Your Mind

Who knew standing still was Destiny's Child's hidden talent?! Beyoncé, Michelle Williams, and Kelly Rowland recently reunited for a fun get-together, where they ended up doing (and completely dominating) the "Mannequin Challenge," the latest social media craze that requires people to freeze in the middle of whatever they're doing and hold that pose for as long as they can whenever they hear the song "Black Beatles" by rappers Rae Sremmurd. In the video, which Kelly posted on her Instagram account on Monday, Michelle appears to be throwing Beyoncé a ball while Kelly is holding a large balloon. All three women hold their facial expressions perfectly and stand so still, you'll genuinely question whether or not it's not a video of actual statues. Just add this to the long list of things Destiny's Child can do (because it really is an essential life skill).

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