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Did Jon Snow Warg Into His Wolf Ghost on Game of Thrones?

This Theory About Jon Snow's Death (and Return) on Game of Thrones Makes a Lot of Sense

If you've yet to watch this week's episode of Game of Thrones, what are you even doing with your life? Just kidding, but please be aware of spoilers below. If you've already watched this week's episode, you'll know that the impossible happens: Jon Snow is brought back to life. It kind of goes down the way we thought it might after the premiere: Melisandre ressurects him by casting a spell. The more we think about the circumstances, though, the more we can't help but doubt the magical prowess of the Red Priestess. In fact, we have an entirely different idea for how Jon lasts so long: Jon Snow wargs into his direwolf, Ghost, just before he dies.

As a reminder, warging is the process of transferring consciousness into another physical body. Bran Stark wargs quite a bit, but it's widely believed to be woven into the Stark bloodline. Not only is it possible that Jon warged, but eagle-eyed Game of Thrones fans can find a wealth of hints hidden in the most recent episodes. We even considered it at the end of season five as we desperately thought of theories for how he could return. Wondering what we mean? Keep reading as we break it down below, then check out all the reactions you had to the new episode.

  1. The hint in the actual death scene. Back in 2015, fans found a glint of hope in Jon Snow's final moments. Upon very close inspection of the scene, one Reddit user called out the fact that Jon's eyes seem to change as he dies. One widely considered possibility was that Jon warged into Ghost at this very moment. Despite the fact that we've seen Bran's eyes turn milky white when he wargs, it doesn't mean Jon would be the same. Could he have been warging into Ghost at this very moment?
  2. Jon Snow's ability to warg in the Game of Thrones book series. Although untrained and a novice, Jon Snow has the power to warg in the books. What's more, he specifically wargs into his direwolf, Ghost. Pretty convenient, if you ask us.
  3. Melisandre's previous allusion to Jon Snow's great power. Melisandre all but confirms Jon Snow has abilities tucked away deep inside him. Back in season five, she tells him, "This power in you, you resist it, and that's your mistake. Embrace it." A traumatic event like his death might have been just the thing to unleash his full potential.
  4. Ghost's behaviour in the season premiere. Right after Jon Snow dies, it's like Ghost changes, or somehow senses it. He scratches at the walls of his pen, obviously distressed. He howls. We know the Starks share some sort of deep connection with their direwolves. Does Ghost merely detect Jon Snow's passing, or does he change because Jon Snow entered his body?
  5. Ghost's unwillingness to leave Jon's side. As soon as Ghost is released from his pen, he rushes to be by Jon. He's especially attached to the body — he sleeps near it, and he gets agitated when he feels like it's endangered. Of course it makes sense that a direwolf would want to protect his master, but if Jon were in there too, wouldn't it be extra incentive to preserve the body? Isn't it possible that Jon might want to try to get back into his original body, if he was indeed trapped in Ghost?
  6. Melisandre's crisis of faith. Look, it's not all about proving what Jon does do. It's also sort of about proving what Melisandre doesn't do. In the premiere, the Red Priestess seems clearly shaken and conflicted. Even when Ser Davos asks if she can resurrect Jon Snow, she's not entirely sure it will work. Perhaps it's just serendipity. Maybe they try the spell just as Jon Snow feels he is strong enough to warg out of Ghost and back into his original body.
  7. Ghost's behaviour right before Jon's return. The final piece of this puzzle is Jon's awakening. Melisandre attempts the incantation for her spell several times, and even whispers "please" just before she leaves the room. This lack of conviction again suggests her potential failure to bring him back. Everyone leaves the room, except for Ghost. Then, just moments before Jon gasps for breath, Ghost raises his head. This could be the precise moment Jon Snow leaves Ghost's body.

What do you think? Does Melisandre actually help Jon return, or does he simply warg into Ghost and then warg back? Is it a combination of both? There's only one thing to do: hold tight until next week, and hope we get some answers.

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