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Does Queen Elizabeth Have a Driving Licence?

The Queen Never Took a Driving Test, but She's Still Able to Drive Whenever She Wants

Does Queen Elizabeth Have a Driving Licence?
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When we see Queen Elizabeth on TV, she's often in the back of a carriage or fancy car. Strictly speaking, she doesn't need to drive anywhere, and it's highly unlikely she'll have to pop to Tesco to get a pint of milk before it shuts. But the Queen does know how to drive, and she has been known to take the wheel on a few occasions. Not only can she drive, but before she took to the throne, Elizabeth trained as a mechanic and driver as part of the Women's Auxiliary Service during World War II. Changing tyres and fixing engines was all part of the job, and she was soon promoted to honourary junior commander.

However, when you're the head of state, there are always some caveats to things that are commonplace, and when it comes to driving, there is one fun fact you should know about the Queen: she is the only person in the UK who doesn't actually need a driver's license, although her name is on every single one that's issued! She also never needed to take a driving test, and her car doesn't need a number plate.

Security protocol may dictate that the Queen doesn't drive herself to royal engagements (she's got a lot on), but legally, she could drive herself anywhere she fancies. In 1998, she famously gave King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia a shock when he visited and she insisted on a tour of the grounds. He hopped into the passenger seat and was surprised to see the Queen slide into the driver's seat next to him. At the time, women in Saudi Arabia were not permitted to drive, so he'd never been driven anywhere by a woman and certainly not by a queen!

Want to see the Queen in action? Keep reading to see some evidence of the fact that she occasionally gets behind the wheel.

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