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Ella Eyre Interview 2017

Big Hair and Bigger Ambitions: Meet Ella Eyre, Future CEO

Given that she's already achieved more than many of us will manage in a lifetime, Ella Eyre's advice to fellow young creatives may come as something of a surprise. "Don't rush!" she told POPSUGAR, when we chatted following her appearance at this year's #POPSUGARlife party. Ella admits that most of her worst decisions have come as a result of her desire to do everything as quickly as she possibly can. "I look back at my experience, not that I have a great deal, but I feel that I’ve constantly been in a rush. And the only mistakes I’ve ever made have been when I’ve been in a rush."

"Some people say 'you’ve done so much, you’ve achieved so much, you’ve done so many things', but I can’t help but be like, 'really?' Maybe I’ve never been one of those people who can ever be content in their successes."

It's easy to think this is just false modesty coming from someone who, at only 23 years old, already has two MOBO Awards and a Brit Award under her belt. "Waiting All Night", the Rudimental single she provided vocals for, went to number 1 in the UK, and her debut album, "Feline", peaked at number 4. But speaking to her, it becomes clear that this self-awareness is driven purely by ambition. Though she comes across as calm and chilled out, Ella is clearly a woman who wants to rule the world. Even her advice to slow down comes from a belief that if she'd done the same, her career would have skyrocketed even higher. "I think, in the grand scheme of things, if I’d have taken things a lot slower, I would have been a lot further by now."

"I love music, that's exactly why I do it. I can inspire so many people, but I love the idea of branching out and becoming the CEO of my own brand . . . to just do music would be very shortsighted of me."

So if musical stardom is not enough, where exactly does she want to go next? "I love music, that's exactly why I do it. It can inspire so many people; but I love the idea of branching out and becoming the CEO of my own brand . . . to just do music would be very shortsighted of me."

One thing's for sure: Ella's not short of inspiration for brand extension. Given her trademark waist-length curls, a haircare range would be a no-brainer, but she's also got her eye on other areas. "Maybe a trainer range because I love trainers so much. I love nail design, I’ve always loved the idea of teaching myself to do nail designs. It would definitely still be within the creative industry realm." Her recent obsession with changing her house has also resulted in a love for interior design. "I keep drastically changing my house at the moment, and my accountant’s having a nightmare!"

Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography

Whatever she does next, Ella knows that along with the fans, there'll be doubters. She knows all too well the power of social media to ruin an otherwise great day. "The sad reality is, in a hundred or a thousand comments on my Instagram pictures, there’ll always be one that’s not particularly nice or friendly. And that one comment sticks out and ruins the day . . . it’s really wound me up that I allow that one comment from one person that I’ve probably never met to get in the way of what I’m supposed to be doing", she confesses. "What I have to remind myself of is the somebody who’s written a bad, negative comment about you has probably written that comment, then never thought about it ever again."

Her solution? A well-deserved social media holiday. "On a bad day, even if it’s nothing to do with a bad comment, I just take myself off social media. I read a book, or listen to a podcast. My way of dealing is completely taking myself out of reality if I can."

"One thing I have to remind myself of is the somebody who’s written a bad, negative comment about you has probably written that comment, then never thought about it ever again.

She also keeps herself focussed and grounded by surrounding herself with people who support her and help her. Her friends and family keep her sane. "My way of self-care is making time for friends and family; surrounding yourself with people that support you. They're there to look out for you and give you an honest opinion. . . it's important to have the right people around you who can keep you in the right frame of mind."

She's also never afraid to take the downtime she deserves, even if that just means vegging out in front of The Great British Bake-Off and The Apprentice with her cats, Frank and Eddie. "Its so important, especially in this industry, to remind yourself of the things you love, even if they are a bit lame, a bit sad, a bit teenagery." Though she's usually an exercise devotee who works out on a daily basis, she's not afraid to take a few days off when she needs it. "To have that moment to rejuvenate and to relax . . . I didn’t go to the gym this weekend, I didn’t do yoga, and I didn’t think about it. I wasn’t unhealthy, but I wasn’t particularly healthy either. It’s important to give yourself that balance."

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Ella's Favourite Things

Future Collaborators: Calvin Harris, Nicki Minaj

Food: Japanese and Korean

Designers to Watch: Off-White, Nicopanda, Fiorucci, Clio Peppiatt

Travel Location: Barcelona, Thailand, and the Amalfi Coast

Time of Year: Summer, because the sun makes everyone feel better!

Song That'll Get Her Dancing: Beyoncé's "Single Ladies"

Handbag Must Haves: Estée Lauder concealer, healthy snacks

Haircare products: Kiehls, Aveda, and Kerastase

A final piece of advice from this rising star? Observe other people carefully before you associate yourself with them. Ella uses a dinner or lunch date as a chance to suss people out. "I like to watch how they treat the waiting staff . . . I think it's so telling when somebody can't be bothered to be polite to somebody who's only providing them a service", she explains. "It's so important to be nice to absolutely everyone. You never know who you're going to meet on the way down!"