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Emilia Clarke and Jason Momoa Reunion Photos July 2019

Emilia Clarke Reunites With Jason Momoa in Super Sweet Pic: "Happy Freaking Birthday Baby!"

My sun, my stars, my Game of Thrones favourites, Jason Momoa and Emilia Clarke reunited on July 27 ahead of Jason's 40th birthday. Emilia shared a sweet snap of the two on Instagram, and sent her former costar well wishes before his Aug. 1 celebrations.

"With you I feel 2 feet small," she wrote in the photo's caption. "HAPPY FREAKING BIRTHDAY BABY! An oversized bath tub of happiness for another year of you." Will Emilia please tell us where they hung out with a giant tub like that? Truly fit for a GOT giant. In her signature social media fashion, she also included a few funny hashtags, like "Finally a bath big enough to bath a dragon in" and "Then broke cos I spent all my money on bubble bath."

Jason and Emilia haven't filmed together since GOT season one, but their friendship is strong years later. We last saw them together backstage at the Oscars earlier this year, and in May, Jason shared his devastated reaction to Daenerys Targareyn's fate — he sided with the Dragon Queen 'til the end. Fingers crossed we get to see these pals work together again soon.

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