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Emily Blunt Vogue 73 Questions Video

Emily Blunt's 73 Questions in the Vogue Office Is the Throwback We All Needed Today

Emily Blunt stepped into Anna Wintour's shoes as she took control of American Vogue during her 73 Questions interview. Strolling through the offices of the magazine, Emily explained how she misses the "irreverence" of the UK, before displaying plenty of her own British wit as she suggests lunch with Donatella Versace at Chuck E. Cheese ("she loves it"), signs off copy like it's 1995, and makes a number of tongue-in-cheek references to a certain career-launching film set in another, eerily similar, magazine office.

In between questions about her career, her family, her singing, and her Pinterest obsession, Emily calls up a former co-star for help choosing between two blue (sorry, cerulean) belts, and even quotes memorable moments from the movie. She also gets us all very excited as she pitches her dream ensemble cast, which includes Benicio Del Toro, Dwayne Johnson, Sienna Miller, Emily Mortimer, Ryan Reynolds, and "Blakey" Lively. Honestly, somebody needs to make this happen immediately.

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