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Eminem Helps Make a Dying Teen's Dream Come True

Eminem Helps Make a Dying Teen's Dream Come True

You might be intimidated by Eminem while listening to his rap lyrics, but the popular artist has a softer side, too. Eminem recently visited a terminally ill 17-year-old fan, granting him his last wish of meeting the real Slim Shady. Megafan Gage Garmo spent his high school career fighting a rare bone cancer known as osteosarcoma and was recently given just one week to live by his doctors. Friends, family, and Gage's community began to share his story with the world, including Gage's idol, Eminem. They took to social media, sharing images of Gage with the hashtags #GarmoStrong and #GetGageToMeetEminem to help fulfil the high school senior's final wish. Sadly, Gage passed away on Monday night after meeting with Eminem on Sunday. Gage would have celebrated his 18th birthday this Friday.

EVERYONE could you please take the time to Tweet/Instagram #Garmostrong He is fighting cancer for the 5th time, and his number one goal is to meet Eminem! Please if you could Tweet him and Eminem that would be awesome if you guys!! Also check out his story Sunday morning @ Borden park on Hamlin & John R, anyone is welcome to meet there at around 12 give or take a little we're going to paint in yellow anything positive, like the #GarmoStrong signs over the cars in washable car paint with a radio station DJ playing there also and we will all leave together at 1pm and drive through the neighborhood passing the Garmo's house and make way up to bdubs where they're collecting donations. #GetGageGarmoToMeetEminem

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