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Exclusive To PopSugarUK: Part Two Of Our Fun Interview With Troels Hansen From Alphabeat

Exclusive: Part Two Of Our Talk With Troels From Alphabeat

Here's some fun for a Friday afternoon – it's part two of my exclusive interview with the lovely Troels Hansen from Alphabeat! In part one we talked about music and touring, and in this final installment I asked him about his day to day life with his fellow Alphabeaters! Here's what he had to say:

  • Where’s your favourite place to hang out?
    We moved to Bethnal Green in East London back in May and we love this area. We’re not really clubbers, we love small intimate places, pubs and bars with good music and good beer. Sometimes it’s just hanging out in one of our flats, but we love to go out.
  • Where do you spend your hard-earned cash?
    As we tour all the time we haven’t really got time for shopping. If we get to a new city we go out for some shopping. We like the small vintage shops around Brick Lane though and buy lots of our clothes there. I like to go to Camden now and then to buy new CDs and LPs in the second hand shops. When we buy instruments we go on eBay. That way you can pay what you wanna pay and not what a shop tells you to.
  • What do you love most (if anything!) about the UK?
    Steak and Ale Pie! The best pie we’ve had so far is from a small pub in York, whose name I won’t mention, because it’s our little secret... Well it probably isn’t but anyway… We love the “old” English food and the pub life. We don’t have that at all in Denmark. If you go to a pub in Denmark you’re probably an alcoholic but here it’s alright to go to an old fashioned pub for dinner and a pint and that’s cool!

To find out what Troels had to say about his bandmates, and what he wouldn't do for a million pounds, just read more.

  • You all manage to look stylish whenever we see you, do you have any style tips for our readers?
    Hmm… It’s probably Stine you should ask about fashion advice and not me. But people should just wear what they wanna wear really. Stine always says: A good mixture of new and second hand.
  • Troels, you're being modest! What’s your favourite item of clothing?
    I love T-shirts! When I buy a new piece of clothes I wear it out until it falls apart or I grow out of it. My shoes are totally worn out and they are actually held together by Gaffer Tape. They’ve become a part of me I guess coz they are great to walk in and great to play drums with so it’s hard to change to a new pair. But as I said T-shirts are my faves! I’ve got a T-shirt I bought in a second hand shop in Amsterdam when I was 16 and it has stuck with me ever since. First day at school after the summer break I wore that T-shirt and that’s when I met Rasmus and Anders SG for the first time, so they both tease me whenever I put on my old, yellow “Sir Peter’s Disco Show” T-shirt. I just love it…
  • What would you never leave home without?
    Our laptops. The house we used to live in got broken into and they stole our laptops so since then we’ve always brought our laptops wherever we go. Besides that story a laptop is like your own little world when your on tour. We’re together all the time but when you open up your laptop you can do what you want to do on it. Make music, watch a movie, check e-mails from old friends in Denmark and all that. It’s like your connection to the world around you and it might sound a bit nerdy but it’s actually true.
  • Not nerdy at all, I can't be without mine! Being in a band and spending so much time with each other must have its positives and negatives – what do you like most about working with each other?
    We’re like a small family, a small gang of Alphabeaters. That’s a thing that we all appreciate because you’re never alone when you’re in a band on a tour – There’s always someone to talk to, hang out with or just be around and that’s very important when you’re far away from your girlfriend, family and old friends. We often talk about how hard it must be to only be two in a band or maybe being a solo artist on the road. But of course we love to be alone sometimes – who doesn’t? And we’re very good at sensing each other's moods so if I need some time alone it’s okay.
  • Is there any thing that annoys you about them?
    There’s not really things that annoy me. It’s more small things that can be funny or just something that makes you shake your head and smile. Anders Reinholdt is, for instance, always late and never wakes up when his alarm rings, Stine is extremely messy and forgets where she leaves her stuff, and on and on. But it doesn’t annoy me. That’s just how they are and I’ve probably got sides that the other guys find odd...
  • And finally, what wouldn’t you do for a million pounds?
    Lots of stuff, I’ve got barriers. But give me a million pounds and I’d spend them for you...

Thanks so much Troels, that was such a fun interview! Alphabeat's ridiculously catchy single "Boyfriend" is out now.

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