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Footloose Trailer

Footloose Trailer: Dennis Quaid Does Not Approve of All this Cheesiness

Get ready to kick off your Sunday shoes because the trailer for the Footloose remake has arrived. The story is pretty much the same as the 1984 classic: dancing is outlawed in a small town, this time because because dancing seems to lead to car accidents. Then, a mysterious new kid (Kenny Wormald) comes to town to shake things up and do some secret dirty dancing with the coolest girl in school (Julianne Hough) in a parking lot. Naturally, her preacher father (Dennis Quaid) is not happy about this development.

The movie looks a little edgier than the original, though it's hard to believe that any town would have a ban on dancing in this day and age. That said, fans of movies like Step Up will probably eat this up. I'm really interested to hear how you all feel about it, so give it a look when you


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Footloose Trailer: Dennis Quaid Does Not Approve of All this Cheesiness  originally posted on POPSUGAR Entertainment News
Hiromisky Hiromisky 6 years
Oh, please! My friends and I watched the original years ago and it was awesome, but let's face it, not one person would ban dancing nor truck race. Why can't Hollywood create new movies? What's this incredible need to remake every single past hit? Hello! They are classics for a reason.... let them be.
northen123 northen123 6 years
I absolutely love the original, so when I heard about the remake, I kinda felt like punching the person behind this. doesn't look too bad. They've kept a lot the original scenes/style in this. But PLEASE tell me that they're keeping the original title music!
Gdeeaz Gdeeaz 6 years
I have not seen the original and I do not want to see this. It looks so cheesy, corny, and it would never happen today. But, the dancing does look good.
emilylastr emilylastr 6 years
It looks exactly identical to the original. EXACTLY. But insert hip hop music for awesome cheesy 80's music. Dang, Hollywood is lazy!! Oh, but I am still totally going to go see it, which makes me very angry. :-)
doucettr doucettr 6 years
I just got chills.... I think the original is great too. But Hough and Wormald can really dance and unlike the original there won't be any dance doubles. I can not wait to see the warehouse scene, I just hope they still use Kenny Loggin's I'm Free.
littlemunchkin littlemunchkin 6 years
...I love the original - i don't think it needed a re-make, and it really isn't revelant to today (i agree with what you say that no town now would ever have a ban on dancing).
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