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Gabrielle Union and Jessica Alba Lil Bebe Dance Video

Gabrielle Union and Jessica Alba Got Bored During a Night Shoot and Made Their Own Music Video

Gabrielle Union and Jessica Alba are currently filming LA's Finest, the Bad Boys spin-off series, and they're making the most of every moment on set. During down time in the middle of a night shoot, they decided to entertain themselves by making their very own spin-off, a makeshift music video to DaniLeigh's "Lil Bebe (Remix)". They roped in makeup artist Tym Buacharern as choreographer, with Gabrielle explaining, "[when] your makeup artist happens to be a 2x Emmy winner that also danced for Janet Jackson... choreography and magic happen."

She and Jessica are no strangers to choreography either: Jessica danced her way to the top in Honey, while Gabrielle wiped the floor with the Rancho Carne Toros as Isis in Bring it On. This new project might not be as polished as their performances back then, but it's definitely just as entertaining. Look out for the cameo from a Mariachi band!

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