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Game of Thrones Hodor Theory

How Did Hodor Start Saying "Hodor"? This Theory Could Explain Everything

Hodor may be a man of few words, but he's a major player in the Game of Thrones universe. There's been plenty of speculation about his lineage (does he have giant's blood?), his level of competency (how much does he actually understand?), and his vocabulary (why the hell does he only say "Hodor"?). In the wake of season six's second episode, which featured a young Hodor — then-called Wylis — talking and behaving like a normal (albeit abnormally large) child, the internet has overflowed with theories.

In the comments of a ridiculously contrived Reddit theory about Wylis's transformation into Hodor — we're ruling it out as pretty unlikely, since it involves Hodor being a warg and channeling his consciousness into a horse — a secondary idea about Hodor's background stands out.

The aforementioned "Tower" refers to the Tower of Joy, a key moment in Ned Stark's history and a major factor in the most popular Game of Thrones theory, R + L = J. Lyanna refers to Ned's sister, whose "kidnapping" by Rhaegar Targaryen leads to a violent faceoff between young Stark and the Targaryen prince.

Other fans quickly latched onto the the theory, adding more specifics.

The most convincing proof in favour of this Hodor theory is, of course, the title of episode five. Perhaps we'll finally learn the truth about Hodor saying "Hodor" when that episode airs!

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