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Gordon Ramsay's Bum

NSFW: Please Enjoy This Video of Gordon Ramsay's Completely Bare Bum

Well, this is certainly a side of Gordon Ramsay we've never seen before. In a new episode of Hotel Hell, Gordon Ramsay goes completely nude in front of the camera and gives the audience a very, very clear view of his bum. Clearly the chef was proud to show off his toned body — as he should be — as he gets out of bed in his boxers, strips down in the bathroom, gets in the shower, and rubs his butt against the shower door for all to see. Yes, really. Since we know you're wondering, you'll find these NSFW clips at the beginning of the video, which Gordon shared on his official YouTube channel, and the bit lasts until about the 22-second mark. After that, it's back to business to help a struggling hotel.

These days, we're used to Gordon critiquing fans' food on Twitter and sharing his strong opinions about airplane food. But this stripped-down perspective of Gordon was a pleasant surprise. Commenters could not contain their feelings and shared their first reactions, such as "I bet that ass is seasoned to perfection," "I am imagining his daughter watching this and dying inside," and "Came for the butt. So cute." Just in case you're dying to see it again, scroll to see two priceless GIFs from Gordon's revealing video.

Please enjoy this GIF of Gordon stripping down before getting in the shower . . .

. . . and this one of Gordon rubbing his butt cheeks against the shower door.

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