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The Handmaid's Tale Season 2 Details

11 Things We Already Know About the Second Season of The Handmaid's Tale

Now that we're finished with the first season of The Handmaid's Tale, we're already looking ahead at what's to come. If you read the book, you'll know that the first finale ends in the same frustrating way the book ends: June is taken into a mysterious van and carted off to a mysterious future somewhere else. In this case, though, we don't have to wonder endlessly. The story will continue. Since we're venturing into uncharted territory beyond the books, the sky is pretty much the limit. How much can we uncover about the show's next chapter? Well, blessed be the fruit, we've got a lot to go over. Let's see what we could uncover (under his eye).

1. It's Going to Be Longer

While the first season was 10 episodes, the second has been extended to 13.

2. Alexis Bledel Will Reprise Her Role

Thought you'd seen the last of Ofglen/Emily? Not so fast. Bledel has been confirmed as part of season two's cast!

3. Things Are Only Going to Get Worse All Around

Earlier this month, The Pool interviewed Elisabeth Moss and grilled her on what's to come. "Wait till you see what's coming! It's going to get worse, girl. Season two is going to be bad too, really dark." Here we were, thinking June might have been rescued from the Waterfords. Maybe it's not that simple.


4. June's Romance With Nick May Intensify

Elle ran a profile of Moss in early June, and she dropped a small tidbit about her Gilead lover, Nick. "It's part of the reason that I'm really excited about a season two, she's in this position where she might be in love with two people," Moss said, "Honestly, I think she does love Nick — if I can speak for her — but I don't know if she knows that she does yet. But she has a husband who she also loves, who's the father of Hannah, who she also now knows is alive."

5. Pay Attention to the Marthas

Showrunner Bruce Miller noted, "The Marthas in general in Gilead are kind of invisible . . . it's been great for us that it's been such a slow and careful building of a relationship between Rita and Offred. That slow and careful build-up in season one leads to a payoff so that we can use her more in season two."

6. We Might See Aunt Lydia's Backstory

Meanwhile, Miller also spoke to The New York Times about season two. Aunt Lydia could still play a key role in the show's next chapter. "Aunt Lydia is one of my most fascinating characters," Miller said. "We would like to explore her back story, and what the lives of the aunts are like."

7. The Mayday Resistance Is Another Key Component, but Let's Not Get Too Excited

It's easy to assume Mayday means salvation for the Handmaids, but not so fast. "The Mayday resistance is going to be a big part of Season two," Miller admitted. "The part that I've been thinking about is that Mayday is not the handmaid rescue organisation — it's the anti-Gilead organisation. And the anti-Gilead organisation is not necessarily a friend to June or a friend to Handmaids. If I was going to try to hurt Gilead, the first thing I might do is kill all the handmaids. You're trying to weaken the state."

8. The Waterfords Aren't Necessarily Going Away

After the finale, Miller talked about what's to come. In regards to the Waterfords, he said, "They're still a part of our plans for season two but in interesting ways."

9. We Might Meet June's Mother

Miller also explained how June's parentage could factor into the story. Miller spoke about June's mother: "We've been thinking about her a lot. June's mother is a big character in the book and representative of an interesting kind of feminism that was seemingly more of that time."

10. Filming Is Not Far Off

In a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Elizabeth Moss revealed the second season will begin shooting in September. That means we'll very likely see new episodes sometime in 2018.

11. Moss Already Knows What's Up in the Premiere

"I've heard about episode one and it's fantastic," she teased. "I had chills all over my body and my jaw dropped."

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