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Harry Potter Reference in Beauty and the Beast

How That New Beauty and the Beast Clip May Have Referenced Harry Potter

Disney has just released a new clip from Beauty and the Beast, and there's something fun in it you might have missed. It's a snippet of the classic song "Belle," in which our heroine skips and sings through the streets of her "provincial town" and introduces us to all its characters along the way. So, what's the fun part, other than the fact that we get to see one of the most beloved Disney fairy tales come to life? Well, it would probably have to be the slight Harry Potter reference that seems to have been slipped in!

If you're feeling a little incredulous, you're not alone. I mean, why would Disney feel compelled to nod at Harry Potter in a story that takes place universes away from the Wizarding World? Well, let's look at the evidence. At one point in the one-minute clip, Belle runs into Monsieur Jean, who seems to be a bit confused. "Have you lost something again?" she asks. His response is what made all of our Harry Potter alarm bells start to ring.

Image Source: Disney

Wait a second — he can't remember what he's forgotten?! The fun little conundrum appears to hearken all the way back to Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone. In one scene, Neville Longbottom receives a Remembrall. Hermione notes what it is and says, when the smoke inside turns red, it means you have forgotten something. This, in turn, leads to a hilariously memorable quote from Neville.

Image Source: Warner Bros.

Are you seeing the similarity? It may seem like a stretch, but you have to acknowledge that it's a pretty great coincidence. Especially since Emma Watson, who obviously plays both Hermione and Belle, is in both cases the character to enact the scene. Beauty and the Beast hits cinemas March 19, so you'll have to keep your eyes and ears alert for even more sneaky Harry Potter nods once the film arrives.

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