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Hilary Duff's Dog Dubois Dies

Hilary Duff Shares Emotional Message After Her Dog Dies: "Thank You For Being My Best Friend"

Hilary Duff is saying goodbye to her dog Dubois, who has passed away. On Feb. 19, Hilary shared an emotional message on Instagram to pay tribute to her pup, who has been a part of her life for the last 10 years. Hilary wrote an emotional caption alongside a video of Dubois, saying: "I never let myself imagine what this day would look or feel like. It was us. And we were invincible. I am having to look into your beautiful amber almond shaped eyes and tell you goodbye today."

This is a difficult time for Hilary, but we're happy that she has two other adorable dogs by her side, too. Hilary adopted a rescue lab last year, and we got a glimpse of her Yorkie in a recent tour of her home. Hilary continued her heartbreaking Instagram post by saying, "There aren't adjectives big enough to describe my love for you Dubes. My gratitude. I will miss you every day of my life my sweet boy." Read her full message above.

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