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Inspirational Women Quote Quiz

Quiz: How Well Do You Know These Inspirational Women?

Image source: Everett Collection

As we go through such a period of change and uncertainty, it remains vital that women ensure their voices are heard. Luckily, we have plenty of inspirational females to look up to, from the famous women who use their celebrity to speak out on important causes, to the women in history who constantly strove to make a difference and challenge gender stereotypes. We can see one such story in cinemas now: the inspirational Oscar-nominated film Hidden Figures tells the true story of the unsung female heroes who helped to get the first man into space. And we see it in our daily lives too, as women everywhere put up a fight against everything from unfair pay to incessant body-shaming.

In celebration of all that girl power, we're putting you to the test . . . and hopefully inspiring you along the way. Can you match the inspirational quotes to the incredible women who said them? It's time to discover how much you really know about the women who're speaking out!