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Interviews With New Moon Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, Taylor Lautner About Shirtless Scenes Hot Bodies Kissing Scenes

PopSugarUK Meets The New Moon Cast Part One: Taylor, Robert and Kristen On Hot Bodies & Kissing Scenes!

I was lucky enough to meet Taylor Lautner, Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart yesterday at the New Moon press conference ahead of the UK fan event last night. The trio revealed lots of backstage gossip from the set, and opened up about their personal lives too. Taylor talked about his daredevil approach to doing his own stunts, Robert spoke about his music and the differences between working on the Twilight and Harry Potter franchises, and Kristen dealt with questions about her relationship with Rob by talking about getting to a higher level with actors she works with. All that's still to come, but for now read all about how Taylor and Robert got their hot bodies for shirtless scenes, and what Kristen had to say about kissing Robert.

  • On how Taylor bulked up for New Moon:
    Taylor: "Obviously it required a lot of hours in the gym, but I found the most important part for me was the eating process and it was actually the most difficult. I had to double or triple my calorie intake. It was a matter of eating every two hours. And just disgusting things like meat patties, raw almonds, and sweet potatoes."
    Kristen: "Sweet potatoes were the grossest, in baggies!" [laughs]
    Taylor: "It was definitely a lot of hard work, but worth it."

To find out what Kristen said about kissing Robert, and how Robert got his hot body for all the shirtless scenes in New Moon, just read more.

  • On how Robert got his hot body for New Moon:
    Robert: "It's just natural. [laughs] You get a lot of nipple shots in this film. I was really terrible. I hadn't worked out at all until I saw Taylor at the beginning of the year. And it was quite good for the movie as well, because I did feel incredibly inadequate. It made me feel a little bit emasculated with my pre-pubescent girl's body with A-cups!"
  • On what it's like to kiss Robert:
    Kristen: "It's pretty cool."
    Robert: "It's a-mazing!" [laughs]

Stay tuned for loads more gossip straight from Robert, Taylor and Kristen!

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