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Interviews With Remember Me Cast Robert Pattinson and Emilie De Ravin About Pierce Brosnan, Chris Cooper, Ruby Jerins, Biscuits 2010-03-31 00:00:00

Robert Pattinson and Emilie De Ravin on Costars and Biscuits!

Robert Pattinson and Emilie De Ravin shared their experiences of filming Remember Me when I met them at the film's London premiere. In Part One of my series of interviews Rob revealed all about fighting, fathers and friends, and in Part Two Rob chatted about Twilight while Emilie opened up about the end of Lost. Now in this final part, the actors tell me about their costars, their accents, and what biscuits they love! Read on and stay tuned for my review.

  • Emilie on working with her onscreen father Chris Cooper: "I’ve just been a fan of his for years. He’s a very intense person, but a very giving person. It never felt like reading a scene: you’re watching and reacting."
  • Robert on his onscreen father Pierce Brosnan: "I never ever would have thought initially that it would be someone like Pierce playing Charles. I think he sort of has an innate likeability to him, as soon as you meet him he’s very charismatic. And Charles, on the page, was someone who’s very domineering and quite a negative character, and Pierce just by being Pierce kind of changed the whole dynamic of it, which is great, and made it a much more interesting relationship. He’s very, very charming."

To find out what Robert said about his onscreen sister, how Robert and Emilie found their New York accents, and what biscuits they love most, just read more.

  • Robert on making his relationship with his onscreen sister seem natural: "Well, I think that’s really all just Ruby [Jerins], who plays her. I mean, I don’t know have any younger brothers or sisters, I think I always wanted a younger sibling — not that I have anything against my sisters! But she’s just one of the best actresses I’ve ever worked with. She’s surprisingly articulate about her character. When I first met her, she seemed like a very, very normal kid, but when she started talking about her character, and her character’s development, she could talk about it for hours and she could also just improvise for hours and hours and hours. She was so comfortable in front of the camera and working with adults, she was really amazing. It’s very easy to do anything with her, you could just look at her and know what to do immediately."
  • Emilie on developing her New York accent: "In general, I love accents, and have to use them quite a lot when you’re in the States. It just adds another layer to the character for me, and it takes you further away from yourself. It was interesting with Ally, because she’s from Queens, she grew up in Queens, and so originally I was thinking do a very authentic Queens accent. Then by going up there and talking to our amazing dialect coach who was on set all the time about it, I really noticed and observed up there that the younger generation, like teens and early twenties, didn’t have a strong accent at all. I’ve noticed that in other places too, just sort of dissipating all over the world because of more and more constant influx of media, whether it’s through the Internet, and TV, and radio, and people traveling more, that it’s really the older people that still have that accent."
  • Robert on where his New York accent came from: "I think it just came out of the script. I pretty much had the same voice from the first time I read the script to the whole way through the movie. Sometimes, when you’re lucky, you read a script and the voice comes out right. I wasn’t even conscious of doing a New York accent, I don’t even know what borough or anything, it just sounded like — I mean, I’ve spent time in New York and just trying to pick up on how people speak. But it’s also — I don’t know where my accent is now, I wouldn’t say I have a specific London accent."
  • Robert and Emilie on their favourite biscuits:
    Robert: "You know when they say in America, like chicken and biscuits, I became very attached to that because I’d drive by these restaurants and they’d say 'chicken and biscuits' and I was like 'why?' But I had one and it was very nice, so now I’m changing my opinion of what can be defined as a biscuit. [But in terms of brands of biscuits] I do like a hob nob." [laughs]
    Emilie: "[For me] maybe like a madeline."
    Robert: "That’s not a proper..." [laughs]
    Emilie: "Yes it is, Pepperidge Farm makes them in the States. I’m not looking for any endorsements!"

Robert and Emilie had a lot of fun during their interviews and obviously felt comfortable with each other, which totally translates onto film. Stay tuned for my review of the film tomorrow!

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