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Jake Gyllenhaal's Sexy Phone Voice Will Make You Giggle Like a Schoolgirl

Jake Gyllenhaal's Sexy Phone Voice Will Make You Giggle Like a Schoolgirl

Jake Gyllenhaal has been making headlines this week for his recent appearance on the new podcast Mystery Show, and once you listen for yourself, you'll totally understand why. The actor, who has always purported to be six feet tall, was the subject of a debate over how Hollywood stars really measure up and why they look taller and shorter depending on the movie role or red carpet appearance. Here's the gist of the show: every week, writer and producer Starlee Kine — who you may know from her work on This American Life — attempts to "solve a mystery," and on this particular episode, she and her friends set out to confirm, once and for all, how tall Jake Gyllenhaal really is.

After lots of running around NYC trying to spot Jake in person, Starlee was able to get in contact with him by way of writer Sloane Crosley, who happened to be eating dinner in the same restaurant as Jake and his mum. The episode culminates in a phone call — a charming and very flirty phone call — between Starlee and Jake, whose phone voice is much hotter and much more swoon-worthy than anyone could have imagined. He adorably dances around the subject of his height, telling stories about how he became taller than his sister, Maggie, when he "hit 16 or 17" and philosophising, "It really is about what we project onto other people. There are days when I'm sure I seem taller than I am. . . . It's cold out, something going on in your life, and you're shorter, I think." He ultimately tells Starlee his actual height (spoiler alert: he's 5' 11.5").

Throughout the interview, we couldn't help but notice how incredibly, ridiculously, insanely hot Jake sounds on the phone. It shouldn't come as too much of a surprise, judging by his sexy shirtless body and quirky good looks, but really — we were having a hard time dealing with it. Here are some real reactions our own POPSUGAR editors had after listening to Jake's hot phone voice:

  • "Freaking ADORABLE."
  • "He's definitely a phone flirter. He invites her out to dinner to 'measure' him. Like, what?!"
  • "If I was on the receiving end of that call, I would have lost my sh*t."
  • "It's a little hard to look at photos of him now."
  • "It really seals the deal as to why Taylor Swift would write a whole album about him . . . like, I get it."
  • "If I was Taylor, I would still be devastated. Where do you go from there? Only down."
  • "His voice is made for phone sex. Even if he called to break up with me, I would probably beg him to have phone sex with me one last time. Is that weird?"

Do yourself a favour and listen to the "Source Code" episode of Mystery Show above now. If you don't have time for the whole thing, at least skip to 26:00 for the Jake Gyllenhaal goodness. And please, share your thoughts.

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