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James Corden and Stephen Colbert Videos About Hiddleswift

Nobody Has Taken the End of Hiddleswift Harder Than Stephen Colbert and James Corden

If you thought you were the only one mourning the end of Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston's relationship, rest assured that Stephen Colbert is taking it much harder than you are. The Late Show host was so torn up about their split that he even penned a breakup song about it that would make Taylor proud (or a little bit angry, who knows). "My heart is on the floor / I've got 'Bad Blood' with amour," he sang on Wednesday night. "So goodbye Tom and goodbye Tay-Tay / Don't worry about me I'll be OK K / Because I've found a brand new love that will never go kaboom / Goodbye, Colbiddleswift, Hello, ColKatlando Bloom."

Not to be outdone, James Corden also got in on the Hiddleswift news with an emotional opening monologue. "After a whirlwind three months, Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston are ending their relationship," the Late Late Show host said while holding back tears, before joking, "As soon as Taylor's band heard about the breakup, they were like, 'Yeah, yeah we know. We're headed to the studio now.'" Taylor and Tom have yet to officially comment about their breakup, but judging from recent photos of Taylor looking as carefree as ever and having a girls' night out in NYC, it seems the "New Romantics" singer is taking it all in stride.

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