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James Corden Talks About Attending Royal Wedding 2018

James Corden Didn't Look Very Happy at the Royal Wedding, and the Reason Why Is Hilarious

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's wedding may have been a happy occasion that was celebrated around the world, but guest James Corden was spotted looking less than pleased to be there. During the gorgeous ceremony, the camera zoomed in on The Late Late Show host, who appeared to be having a seriously grumpy moment of contemplation. Of course the British star addressed the funny footage on his show, explaining that he "couldn't have been having a better time! In my defence, what face do you make while you're watching a cellist in a church?" Well, he does have a point.

James, who has known Prince Harry for around seven years, also took the opportunity to hilariously explain how the beautiful flower arrangements made it difficult for him not to sneeze during the ceremony. Luckily, however, what could have been a really embarrassing moment was narrowly avoided, and the blooms ended up being gifted to patients of the St. Joseph's Hospice in London. In fact, the day went off without a hitch, and the official wedding portraits turned out to be even more beautiful than we had hoped.

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