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Jamie Dornan GQ Australia Interview February 2017

Jamie Dornan Confirms That Christian Grey Is the Worst

Ever since Jamie Dornan signed up to play Christian Grey in the Fifty Shades of Grey franchise, rumours began flying that he wasn't exactly thrilled with his new role. Unlike costar Dakota Johnson, who recently sang the film's praises, the 34-year-old Irish actor was refreshingly candid about the ups and downs to signing on to play such a divisive character for GQ Australia's February issue. From S&M to whether or not fame has turned him into "a prick," check out all of his best quotes below.

  • On visiting an S&M dungeon to help prepare for Fifty Shades: "It was like nothing I'd experienced before. I'd never seen any form of S&M before this, I had no interest in that world. It doesn't float my boat. I've always been open-minded and liberal — I'd never judge anyone's sexual preference. Whatever gets people off is entirely up to them and there's a million different ways to please yourself, sexually."
  • On how he really feels about Christian Grey: "He's not the sort of bloke I'd get along with. All my mates are easy going and quick to laugh — I wouldn't imagine myself sat in a pub with him. I don't think he would be my type, when it comes to choosing mates."
  • On his newfound relationship with fame: "It drives you mad because there's so much scrutiny and f*cking craziness surrounding this series of films. But I always had a strong belief that it would be a success and make a lot of money. You don't have to be a scientist to work out that 100 million readers of the book will translate into bums on seats in the cinema. But I didn't expect it to be this big, to be honest."
  • On the immense criticism the series has received: "You go in knowing it's a divisive project and you just accept that — it doesn't stand alone in that realm. But I don't blame people. I've got plenty of opinions about things I don't know a lot about, or that I don't give a chance — it's just the nature of the beast. I'm not going to lose any sleep over it."
  • On sticking close to his roots: "I've had the same group of mates since I was a child and my wife and my kids and all that stuff doesn't change, and none of those people will let me change, unless they're not very good people. But you see plenty of that in this industry — the people around you f*cking lose the plot and you become a prick. I think I have great people around me."
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