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Jamie Dornan on Jimmy Kimmel Live January 2018

Jamie Dornan Jokes About the Size of His "Wee-Bag," and Now We Need to See the Receipts

Jamie Dornan stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live on Wednesday to promote Fifty Shades Freed, and let's just say, the actor wasn't afraid to discuss his sex scenes with Dakota Johnson in full detail. When asked if he wore "any kind of covering" over his man parts, the actor replied "Yeah, I wear like a wee-bag," which prompted laughter from the audience. "That's the expression I say. A wee bag. That doesn't mean it's actually a wee in size," he instantly clarified. "I wear like, quite a big bag!"

Quite a big bag, you say? Tell us more, Mr. Grey.

Image Source: Fox

"I wear this huge, like travel case. And sorta stuff everything in there," he joked. "A potato sack," Jimmy quipped. Oh, but it gets even better. Jamie later revealed that the wee bag (we could say that all day, really) isn't as glamorous as you'd expect. Watch the interview above to see what we mean. Hilarious!

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