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Jennifer Garner Instagram Throwback Picture For Mary Oliver

We're Not Surprised to Find Out Jennifer Garner Was a Profound Poet in the Fourth Grade

You're probably aware that Jennifer Garner is a phenomenal actress, but did you know she's also an insightful poet? At least she was in elementary school. On Friday, the Peppermint star shared an adorable throwback photo of herself in the fourth grade alongside a poem that she penned, titled "The Things I Am." The 12-line rhyme reveals young Jennifer's inner thoughts about her character and who she is. "The Things I am are / All part of me. / If they weren't there, / Who would I be?" she wrote. Evidently, she was a self-love pundit even at an early age.

Jennifer shared the throwback as a tribute to cherished poet Mary Oliver, who died of lymphoma at the age of 83 on Thursday. "Mary Oliver believed poetry 'mustn't be fancy,'" she captioned the post. "#FBF to a fourth grade stab. How many poets has she inspired....x."

Mary was known for literary works such as "Wild Geese" and earned a Pulitzer for her 1983 collection of poems in American Primitive. Her 1992 publication, New and Selected Poems, also won her the National Book Award for poetry. And as someone who was a champion for simple and inspirational poetry, the prolific writer would be probably proud of young Jennifer's verse.

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