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Jennifer Garner Talking About Brie Larson's Dancing on Ellen

Jennifer Garner Narrates Brie Larson's '90s Dance Routine: "Her Bye-Bye-Bye Is Crisp and Clean"

On Feb. 1, Brie Larson showed off some major moves alongside Stephen "tWitch" Boss on The Ellen DeGeneres Show when she performed some popular styles of dance. A few of the jigs included Will Smith's running man and some good old-fashioned square dancing. It made for a brilliant segment, but on Tuesday, Jennifer Garner took the clip to another level when she posted the video with a voice over of her commentating on Brie's cavorting.

Jennifer judged each of the Captain Marvel star's dances. When Brie comfortably jammed out to Britney Spears's "Oops! . . . I Did It Again," Jennifer noted, "I feel like she might have performed this in the sixth grade talent show." And when it came time to dance to *NSYNC's "Bye Bye Bye," Jennifer was more than impressed as she pointed out, "Look at how her bye-bye-bye is crisp and clean and noteworthy on this Tutu Tuesday."

This is all a part of a segment Jennifer does called Tutu Tuesday in which she talks about some of her favourite dance videos of the week. And, clearly, Brie caught her eye and wowed her with (most of) her moves. Watch Jennifer's Tutu Tuesday post above, then check out the original clip ahead.

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