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Jennifer Lawrence Vanity Fair Video November 2016

Jennifer Lawrence Fears That One Day Her Vagina Will Turn Into "a Wet Sponge"

Jennifer Lawrence has staked a claim on being one of Hollywood's most relatable celebrities, but here's an example of one fear we don't share with the Passengers star: we don't think that one day our private parts will turn into a wet sponge. In a video to go along with her stunning Vanity Fair cover, the 26-year-old sat down for a rapid-fire Q&A with the magazine that includes everything from her favourite dinner partner to her guilty pleasures. Of course, because it's J Law, she also reveals that her biggest irrational ("hopefully") fear is contracting the Zika virus, having it turn her vagina into a "wet sponge," and not being able to have kids. In other words, a totally average, everyday, run-of-the-mill fear that WE ALL NOW SHARE. Thanks, Jennifer.

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