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Jennifer Lopez "Ain't Your Mama" Video

Jennifer Lopez Goes Full '50s Housewife in Her "Ain't Your Mama" Music Video

Jennifer Lopez is known for showing tons of skin in her music videos, which makes her latest one for "Ain't Your Mama" a little bit surprising. The upbeat song, which was penned by Meghan Trainor, is all about how J Lo is too independent to put up with a boyfriend who can't take care of himself. The video shows her in full '50s housewife attire while she frustratedly scrubs a kitchen floor and cooks her husband dinner, and also as a worker who's had enough of her boss. Funnily enough, the vibes in her retro-themed video are very similar to the ones in Trainor's "Dear Future Husband," which features identical scenes of the singers scrubbing floors and doing other household chores. Regardless, Lopez looks unquestionably good and younger than ever. Watch the video above!

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