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Jimmy Kimmel's Best Quotes at the Emmys 2016

11 of Jimmy Kimmel's Best One-Liners From the Emmys

While sometimes attending award shows can make you a target for some mean-spirited hosts, the 2016 Emmy Awards audience was in safe hands with Jimmy Kimmel. This year's host did crack wise about some of the high-profile people up for awards, but for the most part, his opening monologue was pretty tame. Though at times he may have made things a little awkward (Bill Cosby humour, anyone?), everything was in good fun. Here are Kimmel's best quotes from the whole show — plus a note from Kimmel's mum.

  • "This must be very strange, are you rooting for O.J. this time?" — To the real Marcia Clark
  • "Hi Jon Snow, you're my freebie, you know." — Hitting on Kit Harington
  • "The Emmys are so diverse this year that the Oscars are now telling people that they're one of our best friends — they're not, by the way." — Commenting on the #OscarsSoWhite drama
  • "We don't need to watch reality TV shows anymore because we're living in one. Thanks, Mark." — Thanking Mark Burnett for having Donald Trump host The Apprentice

  • "When Maggie Smith gets nominated for an Emmy, she has the same reaction that the rest of us have when we get those 20 percent off Bed Bath & Beyond certificates: straight into the trash." — Calling out "Lame" Maggie Smith for never coming to the Emmys
  • "Taraji, at this point you could probably drop the P. Are there other Taraji Hensons out there?" — Critiquing Taraji P. Henson's name

  • "I'm trying to figure out if 'topple the patriarchy' is good for me or not." — Wondering aloud about Jill Soloway's proclamation
  • "He's not really here, I just wanted to see what you guys would do." — After the announcer said Bill Cosby was coming out
  • "Dear Cuba, loved you in Snow Dogs. Kisses and hugs, kisses and hugs, Joan (Jimmy's mom)" — A note from Kimmel's mom to Cuba Gooding Jr.

  • "I have to believe that Johnnie Cochran is somewhere smiling up at us tonight." — Implying that the late Johnnie Cochran maybe didn't go to heaven
  • "On a night like this, do you even wonder which ones of your friends didn't vote for you?" — To all the nominees
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