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Jimmy Kimmel Responds to Sarah Silverman's Matt Damon Confession, With Ben Affleck

Sarah Silverman & Boyfriend Jimmy Fight Over Matt & Ben

You've seen it, right? Sarah Silverman's hilarious video confessing in song to her chat-show host boyfriend Jimmy Kimmel that she's "f*cking Matt Damon"? If you haven't, it all leads from a long-running joke on Kimmel's show where he ended shows Matt wasn't even supposed to be on with "Our apologies to Matt Damon, we ran out of time." Well, that led to Matt Damon getting comedically angry at Kimmel.
Then, in January, Sarah Silverman was on Kimmel's show, and decided to confess in a video starring a jubilant Matt Damon which I couldn't stop giggling at. But now, (phew!) you must decide whether Kimmel has got one up on her in this video starring ALL the celebs (Brad in a fetching Fed-Ex uniform, Cameron Diaz, Harrison Ford, Robin Williams and more!) where he confesses to f*cking Ben Affleck.

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