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John Bradley Reddit AMA

10 Things That John Bradley (aka Samwell Tarly) Just Revealed About Game of Thrones

Between massive battles and wildfire explosions, we didn't get to see much of Samwell Tarly during Game of Thrones season six — but thanks to the internet, we're just as connected to our favourite future maester as ever! In a Reddit AMA ("ask me anything") promoting his new film, Traders, actor John Bradley shared some fun facts about the GOT set . . . including how Kit Harington smells in real life (spoiler alert: incredible). We've gathered the most interesting tidbits about life on set, which might help ease the pain you've been feeling since hearing the news about next season's episode count. Now make like Sam and get reading!

1. Kit Harington Smells Like a God

2. Working With Different Directors Makes the Cast Adaptable

3. The Cast Are Actually BFFs Off Screen

4. Working With Stannis Was His Favourite

5. The Writers Play to Actors' Strengths

6. "Battle of the Bastards" Was His Favourite Episode, Too

7. He Eats Just Like Sam Tarly Would

8. He Started Reading Fantasy Because of the Series

9. He'd Rather Run Away Than Fight a White Walker (of Any Size)

10. He's Always Aiming to Improve His Performance as Sam

Image Source: HBO
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