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John Krasinski Answers Google Searches About Him

John Krasinski Addressed the Internet's Most Pressing Questions, and Things Got Pretty Personal

Thanks to the upcoming release of A Quiet Place, we've been blessed with more John Krasinski in our lives and on our feeds. No complaints here: we'll take any photos, interviews, and behind-the-scenes scoops that we can get. He must really understand our true love for him, because John sat down to answer some of the internet's most burning questions, and he didn't shy away — even from the personal ones!

The questions ranged from facts about his childhood to his friendships with the cast of The Office. Some people were even curious about whether he was married to his former costar Jenna Fischer IRL. Obviously, they haven't heard how obsessed John is with his actual real-life wife, Emily Blunt. Watch the hilarious video above to learn a little bit more about the man behind our forever TV crush, Jim Harper.

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