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Jughead Eats a Burger Video

Jughead Eating a Burger Seductively Is the Most Terrifying, Sexy Thing You've Ever Seen

Jughead is the real burger king.

Posted by Netflix on Saturday, May 13, 2017

You know how Jughead hangs out at Pop's all the time but never actually eats food? Well if you've been sitting there, silently praying that he would just eat the damn food, you're not alone. Netflix has heard your pleas, and they recruited Riverdale's Cole Sprouse to eat a cheeseburger seductively. OK, maybe they just asked him to eat it and he chose to make direct eye contact with the camera and move his body sexily. In fact, that sounds much more likely. In honour of the first season, which is available in full on Netflix UK now, please watch this!

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