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Justin Bieber Talking to Taylor Swift on Instagram

Justin Bieber Pretty Much Just Sided With Kanye West Against Taylor Swift

On Tuesday, Justin Bieber added flames to the constantly growing tire fire that is the feud between Taylor Swift, Kanye West, and Kim Kardashian. "Taylor swift what up," the pop star wrote in a new Instagram snap, which looked like a FaceTime session between him, Kanye, and a couple of colleagues. Just a couple of weeks ago, Justin seemed to have an entirely different take on the situation — as tons of fallout happened in the wake of Kim Kardashian's Snapchat leak, the singer posted a video of himself saying, "Less hate, more love." Kanye, of course, has not been shy about taking his own stance on the situation. During a Drake concert last week, he slammed Taylor Swift while on stage, saying, "Now y'all can know the truth and can't nobody talk sh*t about 'Ye no more." Who will insert themselves into the situation next?

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