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Justin Timberlake Plays the "It's Gonna Be Me" Game | Video

Justin Timberlake Belts Out "It's Gonna Be May" Like Only He Can

It's official: Justin Timberlake has fully embraced the "It's gonna be May" meme. When the singer sat down with Capital FM, he happily belted out the lyric, saying, "In my defense, Max Martin made me say 'me' that way . . . But thank you, Max, because now we have the meme of the century." JT was a great sport, too, playing an incredible "It's Gonna Be Me" game, which required him to sing the lyric with different rhyming words — as in, when the interviewers asked, "What's a horse's favourite food?" Justin sang, "It's gonna be hay!" Check out the hilarious clip above, then listen to Justin Timberlake's new single and watch his performance of "True Colours" with Anna Kendrick.

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